Brixnstone LLC – Brick & Stone Restorations

In the field of masonry restoration, it is important to be an experienced and knowledgeable mason who knows, the correct method of removing existing damaged and deteriorated brick, stone or concrete, the right mortar mix to use with the masonry restoration, and where to find the best brick or stone to match your existing home or building masonry.. Brixnstone is experienced and always reading up on new and better products and techniques to stay one of the best masonry restoration contractors in the metro Detroit area.

  • Tuckpointing and Brick/Stone Replace
  • Porch Replacement
  • Chimney Repair and Rebuilding
  • Driveway Replacement
  • Historical
  • Commercial Building Repair
  • Limestone Repair
  • Masonry Cleaning
  • Church Stone Restoration
Stone Patios, Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces, Brick Paver Walkways & more!